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35% of Americans Would Prefer A Chip to a Vaccine Passport

35% of Americans Would Prefer A Chip to a Vaccine Passport

What We Should Know:

– A 2021 Vaccine Passport Privacy Study of 1,000 American adults from NordVPN found that two-thirds of Americans (66%) would get a vaccine passport if it were required to travel, and even though the US may not require vaccine passports, 62% would still get one if it’s required to visit other countries.

– Conducted by Propeller Insights, the survey reveals 40% expressed concerns it won’t be universal and another 38% are concerned they could be stolen or hacked.

– Most interesting maybe that 35% of Americans said they would be willing to get a chip versus a vaccine passport, despite that 75% said they would be worried about the possibility of a chip being hacked or misused. 

–     If required to go to work, 61% said they would get a vaccine passport. With a mix of some returning to work and some working from home, 55% have concerns regarding online security due to the multiple connections.

– If required to travel, half of Americans (50%) think a good reason to make people get a vaccine passport is so that all people can travel safely. And more than half (57%) think that those with vaccine passports shouldn’t have to travel with those who do not have a vaccine passport. As well, despite many countries already enforcing vaccine passports for travel, Americans are divided nearly 50/50 over whether there is a need for vaccine passports.

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