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Anti-inflammatory effects of astaxanthin against fungal keratitis


Int J Ophthalmol. 2020 ;13(11):1681-1688. Epub 2020 Nov 18. PMID: 33214996

Abstract Title: 

Anti-inflammatory effects of astaxanthin against fungal keratitis.


AIM: To characterize effect of astaxanthin (ASX) in() induced keratitis in mouse model.METHODS: , fungal keratitis mouse model was established in C57BL/6 mice using, followed by ASX or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) treatment. Clinical responses were evaluated by clinical score and myeloperoxidase (MPO) assay. Inflammatory cytokines were assessed by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), Western blot, immunofluorescence, and enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay (ELISA).RESULTS: In animal model, ASX improved corneal transparency and clinical response, suppressed the expression of inflammatory cytokine like IL-1β, TNF-α, and HMGB-1. Neutrophil levels have been shown to decrease in ASX-treated cornea by immunofluorescence and MPO. TLR2 and TLR4 levels were lower in ASX-treated group than DMSO-treated.CONCLUSION: ASX can suppress inflammatory response and reduce inflammatory cytokine production in mice model withkeratitis.

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