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Are we on track to achieving the Triple Billion targets?

Are we on track to achieving the Triple Billion targets? How far have we come? What roadblocks do we face? What solutions will help us progress faster?

Stocktakes give us the answers. This short, compelling animation will show how these vital reviews will help close the gaps in the Triple Billion targets: Universal Health Coverage, Health Emergencies Protection, and Healthier Populations.

Even before COVID-19 the world was not on track. With the existing pandemic, we have been given the opportunity to address both COVID-19 and our pre-existing and now exacerbated problems. Health problems now require even greater persistence, urgency and engagement.

This animation will show that stocktakes bring leaders from all over the world together to look at the data to discuss global and regional trends, set new ambitions, overcome challenges and drive progress towards delivering the Triple Billion targets.

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