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Bionano Genomics acquires pediatric neurodevelopment testing company Lineagen

Bionano Genomics has acquired the Salt Lake City-based Lineagen, to incorporate its genetic diagnostic services covering childhood neurodevelopmental disorders and autism spectrum disorder.

This includes Lineagen’s suite of currently marketed lab-developed tests, as well as its experience in genetic counseling and securing payor contracts and reimbursement.

“Lineagen has been a pioneer in clinical testing for structural variations in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay and other constitutional genetic diseases,” Bionano CEO Erik Holmlin said. “These are indications where the information provided by Lineagen’s menu of assays can significantly improve management and they are core areas of strategic and clinical interest to Bionano.”

The acquisition is also designed to benefit Bionano’s Saphyr genome imaging platform, by bringing forward a menu of assays into clinical use through Lineagen’s CLIA-certified laboratory, according to Homlin.

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Lineagen CEO Michael Paul, who will now serve Bionano’s chief strategy officer, described the companies as a natural fit: “Beginning with the commercial introduction of our FirstStepDx Plus assay over nine years ago, which is based on structural variation detection, Lineagen demonstrated that we could innovate in the established field of cytogenetics by combining proprietary content, interpretation software, and genomics databases with state-of-the-art genome analysis technology.”

“Bionano’s Saphyr system for comprehensive structural variation analysis allows the combined companies to expand and accelerate this innovation process and develop, validate and introduce novel tests that outperform those based on traditional sequencing or cytogenetic technologies,” Paul said.

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Bionano paid about $9.6 million for Lineagen and its shares, including $1.7 million in cash, and took on $2.9 million in outstanding liabilities. Bionano also paid about $1.1 million to cover a Paycheck Protection Program loan issued to Lineagen as COVID-19 relief.

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