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Biotricity Launches Heart Monitoring App for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Series

Biotricity Launches Heart Monitoring App for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Series

What You Should Know:

Biotricity Inc., a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company, today announced the upcoming release of Biocare Cardiac – a personal, cardiac health application for individuals diagnosed with or at risk for cardiovascular disease. Designed to be used with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 series, the Biocare Cardiac application continuously collects users’ daily activities and provides critical information on their heart performance, empowering patients to better understand and manage their heart conditions.

– Today, many at-risk cardiac patients only visit a doctor every six months to a year and have limited tools and resources to help them manage their cardiac health every day. The new application is designed to help patients between doctor visits by engaging them in lifestyle management activities in a way that will help their doctors make diagnoses augmented with daily medical data related to ECG, SpO2, heart rate, weight, and details on fitness and exercise. Biocare Cardiac and Biocare Telemed are fully compatible with Google Wear OS, Android, and iOS and can be downloaded via the App Store or the Play Store

This new application is designed to be used as part of Biotricity’s complete cardiac solution. This includes:

– Biocare Telemed: a virtual clinic platform with secure HIPAA compliant technology that enables patients to receive care from cardiac physicians remotely

– Bioflux Diagnostics: a mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) device that provides real-time monitoring and transmission of ECG information

– Biokit: a personal medical device kit bundled for home-use comprised of FDA approved devices including a digital thermometer, a pulse oximeter, a blood pressure cuff and now, the Galaxy Watch4 series

Bioheart: a personal, consumer heart monitor for long-term heart rhythm data collection

– Galaxy Watch4 Series: Equipped with an advanced suite of health and wellness features, including the ability to detect an AFib irregular heartbeat, measure blood oxygen level, calculate body composition and track physical activity. This is Samsung’s first smartwatch to feature the new Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung, built jointly with Google™

“Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the U.S. Millions of cardiac patients are living with cardiac disease with no insight into their condition,” said Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Founder & CEO, Biotricity Inc. “We are very excited about the addition of the Biocare Cardiac application and Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 series with Google Wear OS to our offerings. They provide a powerful combination that will help cardiac patients take control of their condition.”

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