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Bisphenol A exposure disrupts organelle distribution and functions during mouse oocyte maturation.


Front Cell Dev Biol. 2021 ;9:661155. Epub 2021 Mar 23. PMID: 33834027

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Bisphenol A Exposure Disrupts Organelle Distribution and Functions During Mouse Oocyte Maturation.


Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the ubiquitous environmental endocrine disruptors (EEDs). Previous studies have shown that the reproduction toxicity of BPA could cause severe effects on the mammal oocytes and disturb the quality of mature oocytes. However, the toxic effects of BPA on the organelles of mouse oocytes have not been reported. In this study, to investigate whether BPA can be toxic to the organelles, we used different concentrations of BPA (50, 100, and 200μM) to culture mouse oocytes. The results showed that 100μM BPA exposure could significantly decrease the developmental capacity of oocytes. Then, we used the immunofluorescence staining, confocal microscopy, and western blotting to investigate the toxic effects of BPA on the organelles. The results revealed that mitochondrial dysfunction is manifested by abnormal distribution and decreased mitochondrial membrane potential. Moreover, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is abnormally distributed which is accompanied by ER stress showing increased expression of GRP78. For the Golgi apparatus, BPA-exposed dose not disorder the Golgi apparatus distributionbut caused abnormal structure of Golgi apparatus, which is manifested by the decrease of GM130 protein expression. Moreover, we also found that BPA-exposed led to the damage of lysosome, which were shown by the increase of LAMP2 protein expression. Collectively, our findings demonstrated that the exposure of BPA could damage the normal function of the organelles, which may explain the reduced maturation quality of oocytes.

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