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CVS Health Launches Employer-Based COVID-19 Vaccination Program

CVS Health Launches Transform Oncology Care Program, Partners with Tempus

What You Should Know:

Today, CVS Health announced it recently began administering COVID-19 vaccines at employer-based vaccination clinics through Return Ready, the company’s comprehensive COVID-19 solution that helps employers return and maintain healthy workforces.

– With vaccine hesitancy on the rise, federal and state governments are looking to partners, like employers and CVS Health, to help by making vaccines more convenient to access and enhancing public education efforts.

To date, CVS Health has launched vaccine clinics for 18 employers across 51 locations, beginning with Delta Air Lines in February 2021, which built on the company’s partnership in administering COVID-19 testing to employees since the summer of 2020. The New York Shipping Association and The City of Philadelphia are also working with CVS Health to deploy vaccination sites for employees.

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