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Determining Eligibility for Vaccination with Dengvaxia

The video guides healthcare providers through the eligibility criteria for vaccinating 9- through 16-year-old children with a new dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia. The vaccine prevents dengue caused by all four serotypes—DENV 1-4. Patients must meet five criteria to be considered eligible for vaccination with Dengvaxia: 1) must be 9 through 16 years old; 2) must live in a dengue-endemic area of the United States (American Samoa, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Republic of Marshall Islands); 3) must have laboratory confirmation of a previous dengue virus infection; 4) must not have a history of severe allergic reaction to a previous dose of Dengvaxia or any component of the vaccine; and 5) must not have a diagnosis or history of severe immunodeficiency caused by disease or immunosuppression caused by a treatment drug or therapy. If a patient meets all five criteria, they can be vaccinated. If a patient does not meet all five criteria, they cannot be vaccinated. Overall, 80% of the time, Dengvaxia protects against dengue illness, hospitalization, and severe disease. After confirming eligibility, patients will require three doses of the vaccine, each given six months apart. Healthcare providers can learn more about the dengue vaccine at

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