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Dr. Lewis Cralley Seminar at NIOSH-Cincinnati, June 15, 1995

In this 1995 seminar, Lewis J. Cralley, PhD (2011-2005), speaks to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Cincinnati, Ohio, about the U.S. Public Health Service Division of Industrial Hygiene (later the Division of Occupational Health) during World War II and in the years before the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, which created NIOSH. Dr. Cralley tells first-hand of his U.S. Public Health Service career, from inspecting ordnance plants to prevent poisonings during WWII to directing the PHS Division of Industrial Hygiene Field Headquarters, when PHS industrial hygiene functions moved to Cincinnati from the Washington, DC area in 1950. Dr. Cralley emphasizes how small the cadre of federal occupational health scientists was in that time, how difficult it was to continue operations with ever-present threats to budget and its very existence, and yet how the dedicated scientists and savvy administrators strengthened the mission of protecting workers’ safety and health and strove for creation of the OSH Act. His talk is a richly layered recounting of the foundations of modern occupational health science and practice. Seeing him before the next generation at NIOSH in 1995 is a reminder of the bond between past and present.
The video will be of interest to occupational health professionals and those interested in Progressive Era history, WWII safety and health, U.S. Surgeon General history, PHS history, occupational health history, industrial hygiene history, the beginnings of the OSH Act, and NIOSH history.
Due to the video’s less than optimal audio quality, viewer experience will be greatly enhanced by turning on the closed captions (CC button). Transcript of the video is available upon request.

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