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Easy-to-use electrocautery smoke evacuation device for open surgery under the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of International Medical Research, Volume 48, Issue 8, August 2020.
ObjectiveThis study was performed to introduce an easy method of surgical smoke evacuation for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 undergoing emergency surgery.MethodsAn easy, inexpensive, protective, and practical surgical smoke evacuation device/system was developed and is herein described.ResultsThe use of this surgical smoke evacuation device/system in open surgery is convenient and effective. It allows for easy, economic, useful, and protective surgical smoke evacuation.ConclusionsCOVID-19 infection causes direct mortality and morbidity, and its incidence has recently increased. Protection from electrosurgery-related smoke is recommended particularly during the current pandemic. This surgical smoke evacuation device/system is easy to use and provides a convenient and effective method of smoke evacuation during both open surgery and all cauterization interventions. Read More

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