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Giant sublingual hamartoma with medial cleft tongue: a case report and literature review

Journal of International Medical Research, Volume 48, Issue 8, August 2020.
Hamartomas commonly occur in respiratory and digestive organs, such as the lungs, pancreas, and liver; they rarely occur in the oral cavity, especially in the sublingual region. This report describes a 5-month-old boy who presented with a giant sublingual hamartoma and medial cleft tongue. He underwent corrective operations at 5 months, 11 months, and 31 months of age. Histopathological analysis revealed features suggestive of hamartoma. There have been no signs of recurrence. The boy exhibited normal speech development at 3 years of age; all other oral functions were unaffected at that time. This report includes a review of relevant literature. The findings in this report and previous literature suggest that a multidisciplinary approach, carefully planned staged surgery, and rehabilitation are needed to achieve favorable outcomes in patients with hamartoma in the oral cavity. Read More

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