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Health Ministry suspends classes in two schools over COVID-19 alert

Classes have been suspended at  Al Rawabi Private School until April 21, and Jaber Ibn Hayyan Primary School for Boys  until April 22. 

The Ministry of Health has today issued an edict announcing the suspension of studies in both schools, in coordination with the Ministry of Education.   

Under the edict which was issued by the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health, the required measures should be taken to allow students to continue their studies online during the suspension. 

The two schools will not reopen until the Public Health Directorate ensures no further infections are recorded during the suspension, and the active and contact cases complete their quarantine period, in compliance with the mandatory precautionary measures set by the National Medical Taskforce for Combating COVID-19. 

The two schools are also required to disinfect all their facilities and ensure they are infection-free in order to secure permission from the competent directorate to resume classes.

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