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Metabolomics reveals the renoprotective effect of n-butanol extract and amygdalin extract from Amygdalus mongolica in rats with renal fibrosis.


Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol. 2021 Dec ;49(1):556-564. PMID: 34278886

Abstract Title: 

Metabolomics reveals the renoprotective effect of-butanol extract and amygdalin extract fromin rats with renal fibrosis.


Renal fibrosis (RF) is a pathological process of progression from chronic kidney disease to end-stage renal a traditional Chinese medicine, and our previous studies demonstrated that the n-butanol extract (BUT) and amygdalin extract (AMY) from its seeds can prevent RF. However, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. The present study investigated the exact mechanism of the protective effect ofon RF. A renal fibrosis rat model was induced with unilateral ureteral obstruction. Biochemical indicators were measured and combined with histopathology of renal tissue to evaluate the anti-RF effects. A serum metabonomic method was used to clarify the changes in the metabolic profile. The tubulointerstitial damage and fibrosis were significantly improved and metabolic perturbations were restored after treatment with BUT and AMY. Thirty-eight metabolites associated with RF progression and related to the regulation of arginine and proline metabolism, nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism, and histidine metabolism were identified. They were restored to levels similar to those in controls after treatment. Moreover, no significant differences in efficacy were observed between the BUT and AMY groups. This study reveals and compares the potential mechanisms of the renoprotective effects after treatment with BUT and AMY from a metabolomic perspective.

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