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PreciseMDX Launches Digital Health Platform to Automate Diagnostic Testing Experience

PreciseMDX Launches Digital Health Platform to Automate Diagnostic Testing Experience

What You Should Know:

PreciseMDX, the leading end-to-end digital health platform, introduces a cloud-based solution that automates and simplifies the diagnostic testing experience, empowering labs to deliver a transformative journey to providers and patients. PreciseMDX dramatically improves connectivity between clinical labs, providers, and patients during every step of the diagnostic testing process for any type of test.

– Their first-of-its-kind platform enables labs of any size to quickly and seamlessly set up rapidly scalable, personalized, digital experiences that providers and patients expect in this post-pandemic era where consumer adoption of virtual care has skyrocketed.   The unexpected volume of COVID-19 testing has exposed the costs and risks associated with manual data management.  PreciseMDX replaces manual data entry with an automated flexible end-to-end solution that works seamlessly with any LIS or LIMS, allowing labs to scale their business and streamline workflow, resulting in significant time and cost savings.  

– The PreciseMDX solution supports any type of diagnostic test, including women’s & men’s health (fertility, prenatal, cancer, testosterone), sexual health (STIs, HPV, UTI), wellness/nutrition (nutrition DNA kit, food allergy/intolerances), COVID-19 testing, respiratory, nail fungal wound panels, and vaccines.

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