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ProPhase Labs Acquires Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Passport

ProPhase Labs Acquires Digital Covid Vaccination and Testing “Passport” Solution

What You Should Know:

ProPhase Labs, Inc., a diversified medical science and technology company, announced today that it has acquired the “VaccTrack” suite of digital solutions that can provide secure and reliable certification of a user’s vaccination and Covid testing results.

A digital vaccination certificate, or “passport” is based on a mobile app that confirms that a user has been vaccinated against Covid-19, or, if the user has been tested for Covid-19, can confirm the test results. Reliably demonstrating that a user has been vaccinated or has tested negative for the virus is expected to be widely adopted as a measure that will allow entertainment and sporting venues to safely admit spectators and allow airlines and hotels to safely accept travelers. The VaccTrack solution is intended to be accessible on a mobile phone as an app or via a digital wallet.

The VaccTrack four-in-one solution can be easily integrated into the Company’s current Covid testing operations and will offer VaccTrack for vaccine certificates, VaccTest for screening test certificates, VaccCheck, to authenticate VaccTrack and VaccTest certificates, and VaccWatch to report vaccination side effects.

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