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Rhinolith in the concha bullosa as a rare location: a case report

Journal of International Medical Research, Volume 48, Issue 8, August 2020.
The presence of a rhinolith is a rare condition, which can cause long-standing symptoms, such as rhinorrhea, foul-smelling discharge, nasal obstruction, and headache. A rhinolith is usually easily diagnosed by a clinical examination and a paranasal computed tomographic scan. Rhinoliths are usually found in nasal cavities, but rare locations are also possible. We report a patient who was evaluated in our clinic for nasal obstruction, headache, and snoring symptoms. A clinical examination showed no major findings, but a paranasal computed tomographic scan of coronal sections showed a hyperdense mass within the right concha bullosa. A rhinolith in the concha bullosa is a rare condition. Our case is the third case of a rhinolith in the concha bullosa to be reported in the literature. Read More

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