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Rutin showed potent anticancer effects in human cervical cancer Caski cells.


Life (Basel). 2021 Jul 28 ;11(8). Epub 2021 Jul 28. PMID: 34440505

Abstract Title: 

Rutin Mediated Apoptotic Cell Death in Caski Cervical Cancer Cells via-and-Downregulation.


Natural dietary molecules such as flavonoids have been recognized for their immense potential in cancer therapeutics with several health benefits.-and-overexpression has been associated with the progression of cervical cancer. However, the apoptosis-inducing potential of one such potent flavanol against these two key components of the Notch signaling pathway in cervical cancer has not been elucidated to date. Therefore, in this study, we performed several in vitro assays to gain detailed insight about the apoptotic inducing effect of rutin as well as its modulatory effect on-and-in cervical cancer cells. The results indicated that rutin led to a dose-dependent antiproliferative effects on Caski cervical cancer cells. DAPI and Mitotracker red staining revealed that rutin induced significant apoptotic effects via caspase-3/9 activation, ROS generation, and alteration in/mRNA expression. Cell cycle analysis resulted in the arrest of cell cycle progression in G0/G1 that was associated with a reduced expression ofand. The gene expression analysis further revealed that rutin treatment decreases-and-mRNA expression. Altogether, these results showed that rutin showed potent anticancer effects in human cervical cancer Caski cells by triggering apoptosis, G0/G1 phase arrest, and downregulating the level of-and-of the Notch signaling pathway.

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