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Shinan sea salt intake ameliorates colorectal cancer in AOM/DSS with high fat diet-induced C57BL/6N mice.


J Med Food. 2021 Apr ;24(4):431-435. PMID: 33861936

Abstract Title: 

Shinan Sea Salt Intake Ameliorates Colorectal Cancer in AOM/DSS with High Fat Diet-Induced C57BL/6N Mice.


The anticancer effects of Shinan (Shinan-South Korea) sea salts on azoxymethane (AOM)/dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) with high fat diet (HFD)-induced colon cancer and obesity in C57BL/6N mice were studied. We prepared three types of sea salt: generally manufactured sea salt (GS), generally manufactured after filtering seawater (FS), and manufactured with only new seawater (NS). Sea salt intake increased colon length and reduced colon length/weight ratio, tumor number, and progression of colon cancer in colon tissue. The differently prepared sea salts also ameliorated liver injury. In addition, the mineral composition of each salt was different. Moreover, the sea salts enhanced activation of natural killer cell (CD56) expression in colon and spleen tissues. However, the mineral compositions of sea salts were not simply associated with anticancer effects in AOM/DSS+HFD induced mice. Thus, the anticolorectal cancer effects of sea salts may be mediated by different factors, which remain to be identified.

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