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WHO Publishes Quality Criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans

<p>Climate change is already impacting human health and health systems, and the burden on communities and health systems is expected to further increase as temperatures rise.<br /></p><p>To respond to the growing impacts of climate change and build climate-resilient health systems, countries may develop and implement a health national adaptation plan (HNAP) as a part of the national adaptation plan process.<br /></p><p>The new <strong>WHO Quality Criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans (HNAPs)</strong> provides policy makers and ministries of health with good practices and quality criteria for health adaptation planning. The guidance draws on experience gained since 2012 through WHO&rsquo;s support to countries in developing and implementing health adaptation plans, and assistance to countries for overcoming challenges in HNAP development.&nbsp;</p><p>These quality criteria cover six topic areas that are crucial for health adaptation planning:</p><ol><li>Leadership and enabling environment</li><li>Cross-sectoral coordination and policy coherence</li><li>Comprehensive coverage of climate-sensitive health risks</li><li>Comprehensive coverage of adaptation options and actions</li><li>Resourcing</li><li>Monitoring, evaluation and reporting<br /></li></ol> <p>Experiences from countries that have begun this process, developed an HNAP, and/or started implementation, are incorporated throughout the document to demonstrate various practical applications of the quality criteria.<br /></p><p>WHO provides a <a href="">range of technical support</a> to Member States for climate change and health, including the development and implementation of HNAPs and <a href="">accessing finance health and climate change</a>.<br /></p><p>The Quality Criteria for HNAPs can be downloaded <a href="">here</a> and should be used in conjunction with the <a href="">WHO guidance to protect health from climate change through health adaptation planning</a>.</p><p><br /></p><div><h2>Learn More</h2><p><strong><a target="_blank" href="">Publication:&nbsp;Quality Criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans</a></strong></p><p><strong><a target="_blank" href="">Publication -&nbsp;WHO guidance to protect health from climate change through health adaptation planning</a></strong><strong></strong></p><p></p><p><a target="_blank" href=""><strong></strong></a><strong><a target="_blank" href="">WHO’s Country Support on Climate Change and Health</a></strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><div class="button button-blue-background"><a target="_blank" href="">More WHO Publications on Climate Change and Health</a></div></div> Read More

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